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    From Alaska to Cape Horn with a self-built motorhome

    About a year and a half ago we had this crazy thought. Well.. Then it seemed a bit crazy and definitely something huge to plan ahead. Actually we had put together a bucket list some time before. And it stood right there - "Driving from Canada to Cape Horn with a motorhome."

    We haven't seen most of the countries in North and South America and it seemed just the destination we were most eager to go right now. So it came a matter that had to become from thought to a reality. Deciding whether it's possible to make it a reality or not didn't take any time at all. Everything is possible somehow if you really want it.

    After considering some options, we started working towards them. We decided to buy a truck and to build everything by ourselves. So we could get exactly what we needed. It took more than a year hard work and now we're finally ready for the next adventure of our lives. 

    At first, we will tour around in Europe probably a month or two. Testing the car and getting used to all of that. Living in our own little car-home.

    Will ship our vehicle to Canada after that and then we'll see where we end up. Taking our litte vacation quite spontaneously. 



    -- Hannes & Meriliis


    Our travels

    Brief travel history

    Our last and most memorable adventure took place in South-East Asia, where we spent nearly two years in a row. We came back from there just last September.

    Spent some months in Ubud, Bali. In the middle of the rice fields and all the yoga stuff. Didn't do any yoga tho.

    Then explored beautiful Borneo for a month or so. Saw orangutans and proboscis monkeys. Did little bit volunteering in Sandakan. Got lost in the ancient rainforests in Brunei. Met couple of poachers and changed some ideological views.

    Next destination - Kuala Lumpur. Bought 24-years old Ford Laser. We were told the car can easily drive tens of thousands km-s. But we're absolutely crazy to assume it will last till Hanoi, Vietnam (approx 3000 km from KL to Hanoi).

    Had breakdowns in tenfolds. Celebrating birthday by sucking up petrol in 40 degrees in the middle of Bangkok motorways. Happened several times during the way to our five-star hotel.

    Memories from Thailand. Lady boys. Signs in Cyrillic. Tour de France.

    Smuggled our way to Cambodia through "people-only" border crossing. With a car of course. Had a sit down with the secretary of the tourism minister. Angkor Wat.

    Argued our way to Laos. Laos - cow/human ratio 5:1. 3-days migraine in town Pakse. Endless wilderness. War museums in Vietiane. Regular motion sickness and breathtaking views on Northern Laos winding roads. Gorgeous waterfalls near Luang Prabang. Watching Laos locals run for the snakes we ran over, its a major delicacy after all! Our precious Ford got an electrical fuel pump and gave us finally some time off. Border officials refusing to let us in to Vietnam. 

    New memories from Thailand. Enjoying "civilication" after weeks spent in the middle of nowhere. All-white everything temple in Chiang Rai. Stunning site! Vineyards in Hua Hin. Bangkok cinemas.



    More travels



    Malaysia again. Georgetown again. KL again. Sold our precious Ford to some Pakistani guy.


    Vietnam. Pho Bo soup every day. Searching for new Nike's as most of them are made in Vietnam you naturally expect them to be crazy cheap. We were so wrong. Highway No 1. Simply WOW-ed us from start to finish. Freezing Da Lat. Fell in love with little Hoi An town. Grilled prawns and sand dune surfing in Mui Ne. More Pho Bo. Weird graveyard with palace-like tombstones for miles and miles. Graves were about hundred times greater than nearby houses. Amazing Ha Long Bay. Nature has really done miracles in some places of the world.

    Sa Pa needs its own paragraph. Beyond anything we expected. Probably the most beautiful place for us in Vietnam. One of the most beautiful in SE Asia. Crowded week in Ha Noi. As its population wasn't enough as it is, a cyclone was kicking in and everyone was looking a little roof over their heads in Ha Noi. Over-overbooked hotels. Joma coffee place every rainy morning. Met a girl from Switzerland who could speak Estonian, and a fluent Estonian! People never stop suprising you...


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